To The Man I Will Eventually Marry…

How I've Come To Believe You Really DO Exist. My dearest love, Marriage. *scoff* (You shouldn't be surprised that I scoff - after all, you know my heart better than any other human ever will.) Had you asked me any time before the last month if I thought I would ever get married, my answer... Continue Reading →

5 Practices Of Radical Self Acceptance

I don't know a single person in my life who has not struggled with finding a place of peace with at least some part of their physical self or their personality. Whether it is their emotional issues, or the way their butt looks in jeans, there's always something to be overly critical about. Part of... Continue Reading →

The Day – Ode To My Forever Love

In the space between sleeping and waking, where the earthy smell of your skin still lingers... In the fog of lucid dreams, where the deep yet gentle baritone of your disembodied voice echoes through my mind... In the hours between dusk and dawn where your eyes find mine in that soft, searching gaze, and hold... Continue Reading →

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