To The Woman I Chose As My Sister

Something I said in my last post of this type set fire to an idea in my mind that quickly burned out of control, and I had no choice but to fan the flames.

I mentioned my “circle” – which is simply what I call my group of friends. My people, my chosen family, whom I trust implicitly with my love and my life. While writing a piece to/about the newest member of the circle, I had realized that ALL of the stories attached to all of these souls deserve telling!

So in this, the second edition of the “Circle Series”… I will tell the story of my sister. The only woman in the circle – and one of the only women outside my birth family that I truly admire.

You had been working with me for a couple of weeks, and we had yet to chat (As you now know, as much as I seem the confident extrovert really I’m just a shy little nerd). I had been admiring your brightly coloured hair and stunning makeup from afar, thinking that you were far too cool to talk to me.

One afternoon, much to my delight, you came and asked me if I had a lighter. I took advantage of the opportunity and asked if I could join you on your break. You agreed.

We walked to the designated smoking area slowly, making small talk about the job and how you were liking it so far, about our professional backgrounds and general personal stuff. I immediately recognized your extensive vocabulary, a delightful brand of sass, and sparkling sense of humour, and thought to myself “Okay, so she’s super smart AND funny. I need to be her friend.”

We spent our entire lunch break outside smoking and chatting like we had known each other for years and through this, I learned that we had much in common.

We explored each other’s old souls; learning of our shared destiny to be ever the wise observers in the constant chaos of life. We both recognize the lessons in all things, whether taught by our own actions or vicariously by the actions of others. We are proud and yet can acquiesce our failings. We are benevolent – often to our own disservice.

We are both born under signs of fire (you, a Saggitarius, and I, a Leo) and represent that smoldering element more so than any two ladies I have ever known. We burn bright and hot, and one can (and will) certainly get burned here if not careful with our sensitivities.

In all I learned during that one lunch break spent together, I had no idea what kind of amazing connection was developing!

Years went by, and these plentiful lunches and smoke breaks together turned into drawn out after work “chill sessions”, and sleepovers at my apartment. We would spend hours in my car parked at Tim Horton’s laughing, crying, sorting through various dramatic life occurrences.

Friday nights spent reclining on park benches at the playground questioning the universe. Shouting to the stars, “I am the victor, not the victim!

We became sisters.

As our bond developed, so did the need to share our histories. It felt important that we explore how we ended up together even though how we got here was so incredibly different.

Learning about where you were born, your culture, your religious background, your family and how you became the beautiful soul I know today despite the many grueling tests the universe placed in front of you was beyond eye-opening. I can’t thank you enough for trusting me with your story and allowing me to know you like very few others have.

My beautiful friend and sweet sister, this piece is meant to honour not just the journey that we’ve taken together in our years as friends. I felt compelled specifically to honour YOU – as a woman, as a spiritual being, and as a human.

You have seen, been, and done so much throughout your life, and have survived things that no one should have to.

No, not survived. Conquered.

Regardless of your own personal hardships, you are consistently able to deliver the most sincere kindness and love to all who are open to receiving it. You have a huge, warm and giving heart that welcomes all people from all walks of life.

You are wise in the ways of love and spirituality. Your faith helps you navigate your own path, and allows you to help guide others on theirs without disregarding the way they believe.

You continue to grow and develop your brilliant mind by exploring new ventures in work and in life. You never shy away from change because you are able to find the lessons in every experience.

You can deliver constructive criticism in ways that are easy for the receiver to digest. Even this thick headed old lioness can take it from you (even if there is resistance at the beginning – I know your intent very well).

Who you are deserves celebration, my love! And this, is very much that.

Today and all days, I celebrate you, and how fucking fortunate I am to call you my friend and my sister. Though we might not share the same God, I think He has put us together for a purpose. What that is I’m still not completely sure, but I have enjoyed every moment of the experience thus far. The laughter, the tears, the parallels; every last little moment.

Thank you for being you.

I will love you, and honour you, always.

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