The Lioness and The Lamb

A big, unbreakable heart thunders so loudly inside my chest, that even you can hear it.

And I make sure that you hear it. There is no quieting the heart of the Lioness.

The Huntress.

The Goddess.

There is no risk too great, no fear too powerful or naysayer too loud to keep me from achieving all that I desire. I am relentless. I get what I want, and what I need. Cost matters not. I throw caution to the wind, take risks and make magic happen.

I insist on living a life rich in genuine love, knowledge, and experiences. I’ll share them all eagerly with anyone, should they choose to join my adventure, and there will be no boundaries to the amazing things we can accomplish together!

I surround myself only with soul counterparts. Rest assured that when you are part of my circle, you are part of me. You will ever be sheltered by my strength, enlightened by my earned wisdom, and held close in the depths of my heart.

Affection, patience, and friendship fuel my soul. I give them in plentitude and expect nothing short of the same in kind.

My assertiveness and honesty may try your nerves, but you will always know where you stand.

I am unapologetic in my delivery of the truth, yet I possess the ability to impart it with the utmost kindness and love. I intend only to be your mirror; to reveal your true self to you in a way which you are able to receive (even if after some resistance – for as you may recall, I am relentless).

As I create this allegory of myself, I realize that there is a duality to this fierce and powerful being I have become. Beneath the smouldering embers that continuously light my presence from within, there lies a soft and gentle soul. The cool waters to quell the burning flames.

The Lamb to the Lioness.

This spirit is the epitome of kindness; so giving of herself, her wisdom, her love and all she possesses that she often is left depleted by this inexorable world and all of its selfishness and greed.

She has been close to complete destruction many times. She has been broken, and yet she endures.

Within the realization that this delicate facet of my soul exists, comes another awakening.

The Lioness protects the Lamb, and the Lamb feeds the Lioness.

I have, through my journey into self-discovery, created a very equal balance within myself.  The light and the dark, the yin and the yang. The masculine and the feminine. My power was created to protect my softness, giving both the opportunity to thrive on a continuous cycle. Each augmenting the other.

Because this balance exists, I know I am all that I will ever really need.

I am the Lioness, and I am the Lamb.

I am complete…

…And I am not for the faint of heart.

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