The Day – Ode To My Forever Love

In the space between sleeping and waking, where the earthy smell of your skin still lingers…

In the fog of lucid dreams, where the deep yet gentle baritone of your disembodied voice echoes through my mind…

In the hours between dusk and dawn where your eyes find mine in that soft, searching gaze, and hold me there…

That is where I have loved you.

In the quiet; the shadowy peace where the world cannot see us. Where nothing exists but you and I.

Time stands still.

There is no struggle. No impediment.

It is you, and it is me; loving each other in the imperfectly perfect way that we do.

Your hands cupping my face softly. Your fingers delicately tracing the angle of my jaw. Your lips burning their path from my cheek to my mouth.

Deliciously sweet, and fleetingly tangible…

My fingers buried in the thick mane of your hair. My arms around you, pulling you ever closer. My legs tangled with yours in their own haphazard embrace.

You come to me after every setting of the sun, and are gone before it rises.

The night is the time we have mastered. Darkness is the shroud that has hidden and protected the powerful magic of us.

And so now, I wait.

I wait for the day.

Where the shadow of night lifts it’s heavy hands from my heart. Where you are there in my arms before and after I open my eyes.

You are no longer only a dream.

The day; where you are my reality.

And in the day, I will make the promise to hold your love in the highest regard for as long as the universe will allow me your presence.

I will keep that promise.

I will no longer awaken reaching for you, only to find cool, white sheets in my company.

I will rejoice when the tips of my fingers feel your warmth there beside me again and again.

I will be grateful, always, to find you in the morning.

I will forever be in awe of you; your individuality, your spirituality, your depth, your sense of purpose and duty, your kindness, your softness, your unshakeable strength and your delicate vulnerability.

I will never take any part of you for granted.

In the day is where the seed of this love will grow. We will no longer be hidden amongst the shadows and darkness of dreams.

We will be bathed in the glorious warmth of the sun.

And that magic, that joy, that brilliant blinding shine that is our love will be celebrated as it should be.

In the daylight.

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