To The One Who Feels Lost – I See You

Dear heart,

I hope you know that I see you.

Through your struggles with chaos and confusion, your light burns bright like the corona of the sun bursting forth from behind the shadowy presence of the moon in an eclipse.

Despite the darkness of guilt and pain you feel encompassed in, the light of your warm and innocent heart remains a shining beacon, calling to those who would dare to love you.

Though you attempt to hide from me, fearing that you will cause me pain, I see you.

I see you, and I will attempt to paint this beautiful being I see with my words so you may also see yourself through my eyes.

I see you very clearly, and through these words, I hope you will too.

I have watched you struggle to find yourself; to know your worth and your place in this world. Desperately reaching for answers as though they were tangible things – like a child chasing butterflies in a field of wildflowers, swinging their net with wild abandon.

What you might not be aware of, dearest, is that those answers you seek already exist within you. They lie in wait of the time when you have learned the lessons needed to awaken them.

You see, your worth is determined only by how you value yourself. Your place in the world is the place where you decide that you belong. Both of these things can (and most likely will) change as you learn and grow more through your human experience. Things you believe can change, as you change. These changes are inherently necessary. You cannot find your truth if you have no flexibility of thought, or belief.

The chaos and darkness you feel imprisoned in, is simply a change in progress; a lesson waiting to be learned. It is the emotional upheaval you experience when your answers are beginning their slow ascent from the recesses of your subconscious to the forefront of your knowing mind!

It is the beginning of an awakening.

Awakenings are often fraught with hardship, confusion and loss. They have a tendency to shake us to our very core; taking all the things we have so far believed to be our truths, and forcing us to reexamine their validity.

Of these truths, what still serves me and what does not? How do I recognize which is which? What will replace the things that do not serve me any longer? How do I fulfill the truths that are still valuable to me?

I have seen all of these questions burning behind your eyes, felt them pulsating within your unwaverimg stare, and heard them thrumming in your brooding mind.

You are at the precipice, my love. You are mere steps away from the knowing of your truth.

If you could see yourself as I see you, you would already know all that is required is for you to step off the edge and fly!

Acknowledge that who you are – right now – is enough. You have enough, and you ARE enough.

Embrace that you already possess all the qualities you desire!

You are kind, patient and wise. You are charming, beautiful and thoughtful. You are giving, spiritual and capable. You are a divine spirit, given this time on earth to enjoy a human experience filled wth joy, laughter and limitless love.

You are a gift; not only to others who’s paths are fortunate enough to cross yours, but to yourself.

You have a sweetness and innocence about you; when you experience joy, your eyes sparkle with wonder! Your smile dances on your lips like a prima ballerina on stage for the very first time.

Your laughter is wild and contagious.

Your empathy and kindness do not discriminate. Even to those who are undeserving because they fail to see or honour your value. You give relentlessly, and you give to all who will accept it.

You have an inquisitive mind; always seeking knowledge and wisdom. Yet, you have so much of these things to offer to the world yourself! I feel honoured to hear you speak of your experiences, and the lessons you have learned. Though I am fortunate to have wisdom of my own, I seek people like YOU to remind me that we can also learn lessons through the experiences of others, so as to not struggle as they have.

I am sure you have saved me from myself more than once throughout the time of our knowing one another because of this.

Your resilience is unparalleled. Life experiences have torn you; teeth and claws biting and scratching at your spirit from every direction. And yet, you are here! Exhausted and scarred from the battles, but you have survived them all and have not let them harden your beautiful heart.

You are the phoenix! The cruelty of this physical world has burned you to ashes, and left you for dead many times. Yet you rise again and again, like the sun cresting the the horizon at dawn. Your fire illuminates all within its reach.

You are the morning; bringing light and life into a new day.

You are hope.

My desire, dear heart, is that you understand why this vision I have of you exists and that you see it for what it truly is. Reality.

And how do I know this, you ask?

The answer is simple….

We are soul counterparts, destined to reunite in this physical life to help each other reach our individual truths. Since the moment our paths crossed in this world we have both felt (perhaps, unknowingly at first) the overwhelming need to ascend – to become what we were meant to become.

Part of my purpose is to provide you with the opportunity to be enlightened by the experience of knowing me. And vice versa.

We are reflections of each other.

And though our connection may cease to exist in the physical world, our divine spirits are always one; as we have always been one.

I know who you are, because I know myself.

For this reason, love, I also know that the answers you seek will all come in divine time. When you have come to a place of peace within yourself, and are mindful of the difference between the truths that no longer serve you, and the truths you must embrace now.

I know you will come to your answers, as I have begun to come to mine.

Let this enhance your resolve, my sweet. Take strength from my strength, courage from my courage and power from my power. Let it elevate you to the heights that you are destined for!

We have enough, and we are enough.

Come to the edge with me, step off, and fly.

Yours in strength,


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