To The Man I Will Eventually Marry…

How I’ve Come To Believe You Really DO Exist.

My dearest love,

Marriage. *scoff* (You shouldn’t be surprised that I scoff – after all, you know my heart better than any other human ever will.)

Had you asked me any time before the last month if I thought I would ever get married, my answer would have been an emphatic NO.

My reasons? There have been many: People get too wrapped up in the wedding and not enough in the marriage. A ring and a piece of paper shouldn’t dictate your level of commitment to another person. The need to showcase my good fortune to all my friends and family was never on my list of priorities. I don’t want to be promised forever – because no one can truly promise that to anyone.

Well, this is me – publicly and willingly – admitting that yes, marriage is something I definitely see in my future.

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To The Woman I Chose As My Sister

Something I said in my last post of this type set fire to an idea in my mind that quickly burned out of control, and I had no choice but to fan the flames.

I mentioned my “circle” – which is simply what I call my group of friends. My people, my chosen family, whom I trust implicitly with my love and my life. While writing a piece to/about the newest member of the circle, I had realized that ALL of the stories attached to all of these souls deserve telling!

So in this, the second edition of the “Circle Series”… I will tell the story of my sister. The only woman in the circle – and one of the only women outside my birth family that I truly admire.

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6 Reasons Why Your Relationship Might Be Wrong For You

Over my many, many years of experience with relationships (successful, and failed alike) I’ve deciphered 5 clear signs that helped me come to terms with the fact that a relationship was wrong for me… before it was too late.

Note: if you’ve seen these signs in previous relationships but didn’t get out when you should have, go easy on yourself. You don’t know until you know.

Consider this a reminder to sharpen your radar and remember to honour intuitions. That could mean having some painfully honest conversations with your partner or modifying your own behaviour.

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