5 Steps to Healthy Single Life

From joyously independent to heart-wrenchingly alone; singledom connects one with a vast spectrum of emotions.

Having spent the majority of the last 10 years as a single woman, I have found the following steps to be the keys to keeping my “eyes on the prize” (which ultimately is my own happiness – single or not).

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6 Reasons Why Your Relationship Might Be Wrong For You

Over my many, many years of experience with relationships (successful, and failed alike) I’ve deciphered 5 clear signs that helped me come to terms with the fact that a relationship was wrong for me… before it was too late.

Note: if you’ve seen these signs in previous relationships but didn’t get out when you should have, go easy on yourself. You don’t know until you know.

Consider this a reminder to sharpen your radar and remember to honour intuitions. That could mean having some painfully honest conversations with your partner or modifying your own behaviour.

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The Lioness and The Lamb

A big, unbreakable heart thunders so loudly inside my chest, that even you can hear it.

And I make sure that you hear it. There is no quieting the heart of the Lioness.

The Huntress.

The Goddess.

There is no risk too great, no fear too powerful or naysayer too loud to keep me from achieving all that I desire. I am relentless. I get what I want, and what I need. Cost matters not. I throw caution to the wind, take risks and make magic happen.

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5 Practices Of Radical Self Acceptance

I don’t know a single person in my life who has not struggled with finding a place of peace with at least some part of their physical self or their personality. Whether it is their emotional issues, or the way their butt looks in jeans, there’s always something to be overly critical about.

Part of the human experience is pairing navigation of the outside world with navigation of our own being. Finding our way through the chaos and the unknowns that make up everything outside of ourselves is tough enough on it’s own. It requires a lot of strength to accept the things we cannot control or change.

It’s inherently more difficult, however, to learn to be more accepting and loving of the only thing we DO have control over. Our selves.

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To The One Who Feels Lost – I See You

Dear heart,

I hope you know that I see you.

Through your struggles with chaos and confusion, your light burns bright like the corona of the sun bursting forth from behind the shadowy presence of the moon in an eclipse.

Despite the darkness of guilt and pain you feel encompassed in, the light of your warm and innocent heart remains a shining beacon, calling to those who would dare to love you.

Though you attempt to hide from me, fearing that you will cause me pain, I see you.

I see you, and I will attempt to paint this beautiful being I see with my words so you may also see yourself through my eyes.

I see you very clearly, and through these words, I hope you will too.

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