5 Practices Of Radical Self Acceptance

I don’t know a single person in my life who has not struggled with finding a place of peace with at least some part of their physical self or their personality. Whether it is their emotional issues, or the way their butt looks in jeans, there’s always something to be overly critical about.

Part of the human experience is pairing navigation of the outside world with navigation of our own being. Finding our way through the chaos and the unknowns that make up everything outside of ourselves is tough enough on it’s own. It requires a lot of strength to accept the things we cannot control or change.

It’s inherently more difficult, however, to learn to be more accepting and loving of the only thing we DO have control over. Our selves.

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To The One Who Feels Lost – I See You

Dear heart,

I hope you know that I see you.

Through your struggles with chaos and confusion, your light burns bright like the corona of the sun bursting forth from behind the shadowy presence of the moon in an eclipse.

Despite the darkness of guilt and pain you feel encompassed in, the light of your warm and innocent heart remains a shining beacon, calling to those who would dare to love you.

Though you attempt to hide from me, fearing that you will cause me pain, I see you.

I see you, and I will attempt to paint this beautiful being I see with my words so you may also see yourself through my eyes.

I see you very clearly, and through these words, I hope you will too.

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Diving In – The Journey to Discovering My True Self

The core of your true self is never lost. Let go of all the pretending and becoming you’ve done just to belong. Curl up with your rawness and come home. You don’t have to find yourself; you just have to let yourself in.

~ D. Antoinette Foy ~

I stood on the shore of an ocean; a vast, dark, swirling pool of unknown. That was the beginning of my becoming my true self.

Trust me, that sounds much more ominous than it really is.

The darkness of it all existed simply because I had yet to manage the bravery to find her. I had been standing on the shores, trying to see her world clearly from dry land.

When really, all I had to do was dive in.

Now, I am beginning to familiarize myself with this bright, beautiful, charming and delightfully clever woman, floating quietly in the mysterious depths of my unconscious mind.

I have always been vaguely aware of her presence, and am almost childlike in my curiousity about her. I enjoy watching her; lingering in her presence… finding many nuances, many desires, and many beliefs that I was just not aware existed. Whispers of them may have drifted by in dreams or in altered states of consciousness, but right now is the first time I have been able to see them with any clarity.

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7 Arguments – Why Technology Is Breaking Humanity

How many nights have you come home from work or school, sat down with your “device” (yes gamers, consoles count too!), and before you knew it, it was 2am and your eyes were burning from staring at the LCD for too long?

Be honest. We’ve all done this without even realizing it was happening. After which we’ve shamefully crawled into bed and secretly promised ourselves to never do it again…

…Only to repeat said behaviour over, and over, and over.

Technology, though amazing and beneficial to us in so many ways, can also rob us of the very things that make us human!

It connects us to each other quickly and divides us from each other even more quickly.

Here are 7 ways technology is robbing us of our humanity… and hopefully you don’t recognize all 7 things happening to you. (That means you’re already a techno-zombie and I WILL be forced to kill you)

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